Thursday, February 02, 2006

four play

Oo, look at me, I've been tagged!!

First time for everything I suppose. I was ordered to do this by Kristie who has been in a lot of pain recently poor girl, and taking some top notch drugs for it too, so please feel free to go and get your own back on her for having to read this...four things thingy:

Four Jobs I've Had:
1. Farm labourer. During the school summer holidays I was packed off with sandwiches and flask everyday to the local farm as a serf. I hacked down miles upon miles of thistles with a scythe, jumped up and down in a giant sack compressing freshly sheared wool, baled hay, mucked out the stables…and generally had a wonderfully healthy, bloody awful time. (It would have helped if I could have understood one single word that the local farmers said to me).

2. Analytical Chemist. Approximately as fun packed as having your willy caught in a revolving door. I mixed mud and fish oil – really. Then I would go home…smelling of mud and fish oil. I have very few good memories.

3. Least Valuable Player. For a company that installed intensive care units and operating theatres. Actually I was supposedly a project manager and I worked with the nursing staff to make sure that they didn’t kill any of the patients with the equipment we had installed. I was succesful occasionally. It didn’t help that the units that we installed were in some quite hostile places, Beirut, Johannesburg, the Golan Heights (really), Belfast, Algiers…I spent weeks in these places, wearing nappies and trembling....while other people doing exactly the same job worked in hospitals in Brighton and Cambridge.

4. Director of the least succesful medical sundries manufacturer in the histor of manufacturing medical sundries. Four million £’s worth of private investors money, two weeks trading, and four years in court. Even now, many years later, I look right and left when I leave the house before I commit to closing my front door behind me in case there’s a raggety arsed ex investor with a rusty knife in the bushes.

Four Movies I Can Watch Over and Over:
(the censored version – I know you wouldn’t know the others anyway)
1. Underworld (come on, Kate Beckinsale + leather = complete attention)
2. To Kill a Mocking Bird
3. The Shawshank Redemption – pass the tissues (I have something in my eye okay!!)
4. Platoon – Rhaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrr!!

Four Places I've Lived:
1. Salford (Manchester)
2. Scotland – no town but coordinates available
3. Oxford
4. London

Four TV Shows I Love: (these probably mean nothing to most of you)
1. Soccer am
2. University Challenge
3. Will & Grace (yes I do!!)
4. Shameless – I so hope that you get the unabridged version of this in the US, it’s so outrageously, disgustingly, appallingly true – about life in Manchester, it makes me home sick.

Four Places I've Vacationed:
1. Vermont – I tried the Appalachian way
2. Greek Islands with a back pack
3. the Camargue
4. Marrakech

Four Favorite Dishes:
1. Riocha, on a dish, with some olives (the olives are optional)
2. Cheese on toast, with baked beans on the top, and sprinkled with parmesan (don’t knock it ‘til you try it)
3. Fresh grilled sardines with a lump of olive bread (and a cold, cold Frascati)
4. Fresh dates – eating a fresh date is the most sexually provocative thing you can do in public without being arrested. It’s like fruitilingus.

Four Sites I Visit Daily:
I wouldn’t lie if I said that I vist all of the sites I link to daily, please don’t make me choose?

Oh sod it, I have to have my daily dose of:
1.Wendy Wendy's World
2. Kristie and Melissa (it’s the way they are so obviously such good friends, they make each other laugh all of the time) Kristie and Spoke in the Wheel
3. Aims "Aims"
4. Sandra Not that Desperate

They’re all up there on the right, go take a look

Four Places I Would Rather Be Right Now:
1. in bed with Kate Beckinsale

or do I have to be semi sensible?

2. in bed with the girl from No. 27 (just down the road, I have said hello every day for two years, and every day she has ignored me)
3. Venice
4. on a beach, on a warm night, under the moon

And last but not least, four people who I would like to do this….

mmmm, it’s late, I’m going to sleep on it, nite nite, sweet dreams....


Melissa said...

YAY! Fishypoo did the four thingy! Right on.

Mmm, dates.

Sandra said...

Shawshank is a favorite of mine too: "Get busy livin' or get busy dyin'" is actually one of my credos. Good answers, Colin!

Deadly Female said...

I so knew you were from Manchester!

Stacy The Peanut Queen said...

"Shawshank" is an Excellent flick...I love Morgan Freemen...he's an excellent actor!

And I love "Will and Grace" of the very few shows on the air that can make me laugh out loud...:)

Greek Islands backpacking? I am SO jealous...:)

patti_cake said...

Hmmm maybe I will do this too. You make everything sound so interesting Colin!

Gerbera Daisy said...

EEEWWWW!!!! Mud and fish oil. You must have smelled nasty by the time you got home.

I love "To Kill A Mockingbird" and "Shawshank Redemption" too. And I like "Will and Grace". This is their final season. :-(

Have a good weekend.

krisbtterfly said...

i was beginning to think that you didn't like me tagging you, darling! :) as for your baked beans on toast- i'm made fun of for my "white trash burritos"- i put baked beans and sharp cheddar in a tortilla and heat it up till the cheese melts, wrap it up and i'm good to go. YUM. it's amazing what you can do with beans. LOL

Melissa said...

Oh, you bean people. Whatever will I do with you?

Stacy The Peanut Queen said...

It's so close to lunchtime, it ALL sounds good...;)

Aims said...

Shawshank! TOTALLY! Your Beans on Toast sounds amazing - I've just made a pasta dish but I so want to eat beans on toast with cheese!

Anonymous said...

Glad you like Will & Grace.
Anastasia Beaverhausen

Shephard said...

You like Venice!?
We went this summer. The most amazing, enchanting, beautiful, magical place I've ever been. Fell utterly in love with it.
Must. Go. Back.
~S :)

Sandra said...

Harrumph. I would like to point out that it is after 9pm London time and Colin is blogging. He is NOT AT THE PUB WITH THE CUTE GIRL.

AJH said...

Seriously, why are you british so obsessed with serving food on toast. Beans on toast, spaghetti-o's on toast, chees on toast . . .
They're all disgusting and I can say that since I tried them, well more like was forced to eat them in boarding school but the horrible creations have in fact passed through my lips.

Wendy said...

Great post Colin!! Although .......... there isn't much in your foods bit that I could even consider trying. Anything with olives is out. Anything with sardines ... is out. Fresh dates? Naaa. I'll consider the stuff on toast though. :~) Get to the pub!! (I did this at my place.)

Miladysa said...

Great post.

I need a splash of Worcester or HP with the beans and cheese.

I am depressed that I am not one of the fab four - terribly un-English of me to say so...

I am going to blog off now and have a tantrum on my blog...