Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Old Possum's book of Practical Dogs...

(Or very impractical dogs...)

like small, snarly, gittish dogs

or dozy dogs

or dogs that make most excellent pillows?

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

walking backwards

This weekend I had…..Christmas.

Yes, that’s right, we have Xmas whenever we like here in the pond. I’m planning to have Easter sometime in the summer and Shrove Tuesday on your Labour day so that I don’t feel left out.

And Valentine’s, as usual, will be indefinitely postponed.

Christmas was delayed primarily by dint of the fact that when the rest of Christendom celebrated I was pathetically unaware of what day (month…indeed planet) it was.

This weekend I shall enjoy letting in the New Year (tall dark stranger out there anyone, with own piece of coal and pocket full of salt?). I supply the whisky, you bring the luck.

As an aside I can heartily recommend Xmas shopping at this time of year, it’s far less crowded and considerably less expensive in the sales – I did rather well, even if I say so myself, which may not be a surprise to you since I am after all buying presents for me – but that hasn’t stopped me buying entirely inappropriate, tasteless or just plain ugly gifts for me in the past.

So there.

This year I will free style. Not sweat the small stuff, like dates. My birthday is on ebay with no reserve and I shall call the chief rabbi this afternoon to discover if I have irrevocably timed out on my bar mitzvah.....