Tuesday, March 28, 2006

it must be Monday somewhere

I’d like to tell you about Singapore.

It’s a beautiful place. Incredibly green, which is hardly surprising considering the humidity, coupled with the heat, it all gets a little too much and the air throws off the excess liquid like a thrall sometime after lunch, and anyone used to the clime walks unconsciously, not unhappily, in the downpour for a few sodden minutes..

Whilst yours truly turns instantly into Curly Sue.

The people are friendly, it’s a safe place. Bear in mind here that capital punishment is probably preferable to spending 10 years in a gaol in Singapore, on a mat, with a bucket and no air conditioning - reformed prisoners must look like very old prunes.

That cabs are as cheap as chips.

About dinner in the Long Bar of “Raffles” (google it do), of Singapore Slings and finding the room where Raffles himself shot a Tiger under the billiard table.

Of the gentleman in the purple plush suit outside my hotel who used to pat my bottom while I waited for a cab, and who I naturally assumed was the concierge. Or Orchard Road, or the Thai market or Crab Key, where an unfeasible amount of Veuve Clicquot was ordered by a bluff, blunt, sweating and extremely lovable ship owner from Hull. I can’t believe that six Englishmen have been so drunk on half pints of champagne since we borrowed Hong Kong from the Chinese (“pretty little island Mi’Lord?”, “too bloody hot, shut up Jenkins and break out the good stuff there‘s a good man”.

Or indeed of Orchard Towers, a short step from my hotel, opposite “Muddy Murphy’s” the ubiquitous Irish bar. The Towers being affectionately known by one and all as the “four floors of whores”.

But I’m not really thinking about that.

I’m looking at the links on my blog and making a connection I hadn’t made until last night. Can you see it?

Sometimes there’s truth in a throwaway comment. More truth there, most likely, than in a constructed thought, it leaves the person who issues it as intuitively as it arrives at the person who receives it.

No criticism is implied by the observation, but nevertheless, you suddenly see your appearance, if not necessarily your motivation through other eyes. And if it arrives, as it did with me, from a friend and some one who’s opinion I value, then it sticks.

Ever wanted a mirror, to see yourself as others see you?


Melissa said...

You referring to your insatiable appetite for the women of blogdom?

I love hearing about Singapore. Tell us more... weave us a tale, Fishy.

krisbtterfly said...

Mr. Fish, in my eyes you're wonderful. If you look at the links- they're wonderful too (especially me). hehe

Honestly, I would rather not have a mirror to see myself as others see me, because I'd probably find that I don't dress up enough for work (because honestly, I don't care) and I'm a little sick in the head (ok, A LOT)... among many other things...

krisbtterfly said...

...and if we're speaking of throwaway comments, that also means that my husband is "Lurch"...

Jenn said...

If one were to look beyond the links, one would find that the women behind the blogs are a very discerning group - and they choose to be part of your life. Albeit a virtual life...but it's a good one.

Don't you think?

(I'm really hoping my comment here doesn't seem argumentative...because it doesn't feel argumentative...but you've shown a sensitive side in the past.)

I do like a mirror held up for me - ever so often. Sometimes it's a good feeling...and sometimes it stings. But I always learn something.

patti_cake said...

Well my vote is you got game, you got mojo :) The chicks love you! I don't know that I care to experience Singapore but you can write about a pile of rocks and i'd listen raptly.

Sandra said...

All I can add is that we live in a world full of women who have been damaged by men, and men who've been damaged by women, and whenever the two sincerely enjoy sharing, and laughing, and being HUMANS, it's a beautiful thing.

Shephard said...

Agree with Sandra.
To which I'll add, gimme a hall of mirrors anyday... I'd like to find out before everyone else does. :)

tammi said...

Oh how neat-o!You mentioned a name of my favorite movie! "Curley Sue".I bet I've seen it 50 times,and just love it everytime.The curls are cool! I almost cry each time in the movie where she gets her curls cut almost all off by the welfare people.
Oh,and the no air conditioning is also a Texas prison thing too.I've heard the prisons there are really really bad though.But here in Texas,in most of the prisons,they are big metal buildings holding 155 inmates,and it gets sooooo hot that you have to pour water on the concrete floor and wet your gown down,and sleep there on the floor instead of a few inches higher on the haed mat.It's certainly not the Hilton,but that heat alone gives me enough flashbacks that I wear a halo now....well,almost.I "try" to keep that halo up there.What did you mean by a bucket? Surely not for a toilet,huh?
It's funny you should mention the mirror thing,as I just recently posted a new hair-do,and asked for opinions.Just wondering if it looks nerdy? I would still wear it if someone thought so....but it would be neat to have a mirror that shows you what others see.
cool thought.

tammi said...

I also agree with Jenn....quote
"I do like a mirror held up for me - ever so often. Sometimes it's a good feeling...and sometimes it stings. But I always learn something."

Stacy The Peanut Queen said...

What can we say?

You're just damn good. ;)

Anne said...

ahh fish...*hug*

Just Some Gal said...

Singapore sounds like Houston's heat sans the air conditioning. bleh Did I read that correctly that a man patted your bum while you waited for a cab? hehe In a plush purple suit no less??

About the links

Sandra was spot on.

Besides, that curly hair is just so alluring. hehe


Kiss the boys for me!

Pam said...

Let's face it Colin...you are damn irresistible.

Aims said...

ah we love you Col!!
I'm sure about the mirror. I may not like what everyone else sees!