Sunday, October 09, 2005

pleasantly pooped

I'd really like to write, but I'm pooped. There's all sorts of vague strings in my head that want out, (is it the same for you, they don't really crysatlise until you begin to write?) but I'm afraid that if I start then I'll just make a mess, or even fall asleep half way through.

It's not a bad kind of tired, more a warm, fuzzy, cream crackerdy, doziness. I've all sorts of lovely things to think about at the moment.

So I'm going to be lazy and offer a few random pics of the weekend, and two 'ickle observations.

Stop it, the world does not need a razor with 5 blades. It's getting silly chaps.

My farts (yes I do occasionally) firghten Charle. He was dozing on the sofa next to me and I'm sorry to say that I parped. He jumped up like he'd been shot, yelped, leapt off the and ran out of the room. He's under the bed at the moment, hiding, just in case I assualt him with another bottom burp. (I'm going to eat a lot of brocolli and pickled egss to see if I can really scare him one evening).

great white!!
small black
erm, leaves
charlie took this
"what shall we do charlie", "wee on it Toff, wee on it"

jolly hockey sticks (we lost 7-3!!)


Wendy said...

Ohhhh Colin! I'm just coming down off my hysterical laughter. {big sigh} Seriously, I laughed right out loud and I scared my little Simon!! He shot up off the chair as if he thought someone was at the door. Although my bottom didn't 'burp', I scared him nonetheless because I broke the silence that filled this room by reading your blog and laughing heartily out loud! You're such a joy! Great pics too! Charlie should work for National Geo !

Miladysa said...

Great pics! Isn't your dog clever? A budding David Bailey unlike our Spartacus who played up somewhat going 'out' on his lead for the first time today.

5 blade razor? Really? What will they think of next?

Sweet dreams Colin & co!

Just Some Gal said...


You are too much at times Colin.

Incredible pictures and wth? 5 blades?

Like Milady said, Sweet dreams to you 3...

Amy said...

sleep well to all 3 of you boys! Nice pictures, btw. I think Charlie has passed me by with his skills.