Sunday, October 09, 2005

I'm it (get it off with a specialised stain remover)

oooh look, I'm excited, I've been tagged by Blondie.

7 things to do

before I die

have a lot more sex, not all over the place thank you, but with the same wonderful person

have children (but not every time we have sex please)

know that the person I'm with wants to be with me as much as I want to be with them

have an original thought

stand on top of Cader Idris naked and drunk on New Years eve and sing “you got to move it move it” (this may endanger the chances of my first ‘to do’ ever happening)

tell the rude Welshman in the pub to “sod off, take the chip off your shoulder and stick it up your arse”, in his own language

see a witch on a broomstick on Hallowe’en

I can do

push a string bean up my nose and pull it out of my mouth

tell bedtime stories without the aid of a book

wear a nice suit and make it look like a dustbin bag


make wine disappear like a majic trick

say “there,there”

stairway surf on the ironing board

I can't do

hold hands with a girl and walk in a straight line

tell you what I want what I really, really want

maintain the necessary link between my mouth and my brain when I'm drunk

dance the same dance as everyone else in the room

flatter to deceive


think in a straight line


that attract me to the opposite sex

hair is the first place, no particular colour just beautiful hair

warm happy laughter

un self-conscious, "I'm sexy, not my clothes"



the spectacles and tied back hair look

some girls just 'shine'

(can I have another please? I think that the single sexiest thing in the world is watching your loved one concentrate on something else, a book, a letter, painting a toe nail…)

things I say most often

Holy Moly

Good boy

Spluff ‘n splunder

I and Me (too often)

Same again please



celebrity crushes

Anna Friel

Imogen Stubbs

Jessica Rabbit

Janice Joplin

Marilyn Monroe

Princess Lea, in “that” costume

Bette Davies

Oh poo, only 7?

people I want to do this

well, up there on the right, there’s Aimee, and Katya (have you done this already Katya, and Bea, Wendy too (sorry Wendy I’ll put a link up soon I promise!!), anyone who wants too!!


Just Some Gal said...

Ok, I about choked laughing about "you've got to move it, move it"... lol I love Madagascar!! "This iss da oringinal king julian" haha And about the children & sex...hahaha you never fail to make me laugh!

The string bean... now thats bizaare but VERY funny! I do the same magic trick with wine too.

Your wit is wonderful. And I could just TELL from your apparent excitedness that I totally made your day by tagging you. haha

Miladysa said...

ROFLMA! Laughing too much!! The best SEVEN I have seen :)

Wendy said...

Can you REALLY do the string bean thing?! You crack me up.

Well Colin, you've popped my tag cherry!! I'm all a blushed! Mine will not be near as clever as yours!

Amy said...

LM and I thought this was hysterical. Especially the string bean and NYE comments (although we'll have to look up that location.) LM especially can relate to the comment about Princess Lea. (Although he claims girls are still icky).

By the way, I already did this. Yours is way the hell funnier, though!

leesepea said...

I don't even want to know how you discovered your string bean "talent."


drunkenmachine said...

celebrity crushes
Anna Friel
Jessica Rabbit
Princess Lea, in “that” costume

doesn't everybody?