Tuesday, October 11, 2005

dog songs

damn right, thank you everyone, crawl out from up your bottom Colin and listen to the boys!!

what is it Charlie,
I don't know,
let's wee on it

a leaf or a stone
some other dogs bone
we'll wee on it

you've missed a bit
I'm having a sh#t !
well I'll wee on it

any old stuff
let's wee on it

wee on it!!

(in a really growly voice)


Miladysa said...

Definitely a Christmas No 1 - Move over Cliff! Can we please see the video?

Just Some Gal said...

"You've missed a bit
"i'm having a sh!t
Well I'll wee on it"

Oh Colin, you never fail to make me laugh so much. I love your sense of humor...

Wee on it!!


Aims said...

I LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT!!!!!! Yep, can't wait til it's released!