Tuesday, September 06, 2005

laundry and other crap jobs

oh o, I'm home, and I hate it.

You know those people who stack shelves in Woolworth, who win the lottery and then say "it won't change my life", and you think.....well, can I have the money then? I feel the same way about people who come home from holiday and say "I've had a great time but I'm ready to go home now, I'm really looking forward to a nice cup of tea".

The wedding was fantastic, the setting on the French River in Ontario was just breathtaking and the mixture of people, boarding school Britain meets the wonderful world of Noelville got on famously - mainly due to the copious amounts of alcohol and strange local, relaxing, herbal remedies.

I'm doing the laundry now. I got home too late to pick up the pooches, so thay get another day's holiday. All in all I managed to clock up 6000 miles, from Toronto, down and across, Michigan, Wisconsin, North Dakota, down into Wyoming, eventually to Oregon and then back, lower, through Colorado and Nebraska, to Ohio, and eventually back to Ontario via Penn and New York. A considerable portion of my arse is now part of the car.

I want to go back, and meet more and more weirdo's , odd-balls, four legged furry friends that I can't put a name to and an out doors where the sky goes on forever.

I'm going to open a bottle of wine, the last thing I want at the moment is a cup of tea.

there may be some photos here, sore bum


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Amy said...

I stumbled to your blog through Undercover's recommendations and find myself reading with the British accent which cracks me up to begin with because I suck at it. Just wanted to say thanks for a good read!