Thursday, September 18, 2008

keep the swelling, lose the pain

Have you ever,

howled in woods?
whinnied and nickered,
pranced, danced, shied
and cried and generally
made a great fuss...

At least there was no one around, be thankful for small mercies. And there was me, and the boys, enjoying a long walk in the woods on a beautiful autumnal morning full of great grey almost trees hesitating in a slow lazy mist.

And then I stuck my dick in the nettles.

Not just like that you understand, rather I went for an alfresco wee and was distracted by Charlie scratting around in the leaves behind me.....and then I stuck my dick in the nettles.

It hurts. You can't imagine how much it hurts. I don't want to describe how much it hurts because then I'll have to remember....exactly how much it hurts.

The only 'tiny' crumb of comfort is that it also swells up.


Al said...

Makes me shudder just to contemplate. I've been stung be nettles lots of times, just never THERE. Reminds me of the time my pal Dave peed on the electric fence.

Jenn said...

Forgive me if I laughed...just a teensy chortle. Honest...there was no guffaw.

That's one of those things you'll only do once. I can't imagine how much it hurt...that's true.

Quick healing, I hope?

Deadly Female said...

Blimey, fish, you don't blog for ages and then you come back with THAT??? Ouch!!!

Miladysa said...

Bl**dy hell!

Daisy said...


Anonymous said...

one thing i don't miss about germany are the nettles. shitty nettles.