Sunday, April 30, 2006

how shall I compare thee

I’m bad.

I haven’t read anyone, or written a thing for what seems like weeks.

Unfortunately there are times when you have a choice to either do it or write about it? And I feel a little like “man in a suitcase” at the moment. Not that I’m complaining, I just feel like a bit of a boob for not sharing it is all.

So just in brief for the moment: I’ve been to New York and met friends. Met friends and made friends I hope, (though I’m afraid that may be a moot point with Melissa and Kristie). I’ve been hugged (and remarkably hugged back) by Jessica, met some remarkable people including Jen and Brando - please don’t ask me to do links for the moment, I will I promise when my body clock allows me to tell my arse from my elbow.

(Melissa quite likes a beer!)

I left a particular (yes you! and I can say that becaus you'll never read this) part of my heart in New York, and various bits of other organs including my kidneys and liver in a state of destitution. I never really learnt that very grown up trick of enjoying one's self in an adult way, in moderation. I’ve always had a child like capacity for fascination with something enjoyable, if it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing to excess. So despite making it around all of the major landmarks and visiting the Met, the Guggenheim and the Museum for Modern Art, I also managed to fall dead asleep in Central Park for 3 hours and slightly longer than that on the subway. I arrived back in my room after “TequilaCon” at somewhere after 9am on the next day.

I took a horse drawn carriage ride around Times Square with a complete stranger and a jug of vodka martinis at midnight. I cannot remember her name, or in fact any details, and I’m sure she will have blanked them from her memory. I’ve been to Harlem, by mistake, walked higgledy piggledy like a lost boy down back streets (I didn’t do it on purpose Mel and Kristie - if I’d got the messages I would have appreciated the help).

If someone could tell me who this is I would be eternally grateful (please ask her if she has my bloody ‘phone)…

And I’ve been an utter rotter as a dad too. The boys were liberated from the kennels for 48 hours before they were deposited again. (Long enough for a trip to the vet and the good news is that Charlie’s eye is looking slightly better).

At the moment I’m in Houston, it’s 10.30pm, which means 4.30am at home, I think, so if this post makes little sense then at least it’s short…

…and to quote a young lady after I asked, “how was it for you?”

“mercifully brief” she replied.


Aims said...

Yay!!! She looks cute whoever she is! Have fun Col x

Pam said...

Ya kill me boy. Sounds like you had a blast though. So good for you!!

Glad to hear Charlie's eye is doing better.

And you've lost your phone? Well, it's better than losing your mind!

jenny said...

Wait - now you're in Houston? They won't know what's hit them... ;)

It was sooo fun hanging out with you and watching you snort salt (ouch!). Hope you can make it to the next TequilaCon!

ducklet said...

I used to know moderation, as well, but last saturday i also had a wee relapse, my friend.

oh yeah, thanks for the sambuca! i actually bought two more the next day for myself and a friend in your honor.

Deadly Female said...

Sounds like a good time was had, Fish!

patti_cake said...

Yay a post from Colin! Glad you had a good time and VERY glad to hear Charlie's eye is doing better. You did say they enjoy their kennel, so.... just enjoy your trip to Houston. Let me know if you ever get near SC (Atlanta,Charlotte maybe?) Happy Travels to my favorite englishman

Anne said...

You may be too much for Houston..let me know if you ever come to Dallas..I would love to go drinking with a professional!

Sarah said...

That bartender really was hot...I didn't spend enough time looking at her that night.
It was great to meet you and I'm glad to hear you survived New York...sleeping in Central Park, walking down back alleys in must have an Angel on your shoulder. ;-)
And let me get this flew back to England to liberate your dogs briefly, and then flew back over the pond to go to Houston?
What on earth sent you to that cesspool? My brother and his wife and kids live there. I was not impressed by it.

Stacy The Peanut Queen said...'ve been busy (but it sure sounds like fun!)

Gerbera Daisy said...

GOOD TIMES!!!! Sorry you lost your phone, but I am glad your puppy is doing well. If you ever get to Philadelphia (I am right across the river in New Jersey) let me know. My boyfriend (manblogger) and I would love to show you a good time.

Sandra said...

So glad Charlie's eye is healing!! Yes, you have been doing, rather than writing about doing. Good for you.

Melissa said...

That beer liked me, too. It was a mutual admiration.

Who knew you were such a good darts player?

Ashbloem said...

It was a good time. Nice to meet you, sir.

Elle said...

I was most impressed with how you actually squirted the lime in your eye, by the way, after you snorted the salt.

Nice to have met you. Next time let's skip the eyeball damage and condiment snorting, shall we?
;) hee hee

Cheetarah1980 said...

Harlem is that deal. Next time you're in NYC, go there on purpose.