Thursday, September 07, 2006

Cap'n Grumpy Guts

please give me the strength to be, at the least, civil.

Two ten hour flights separated by a nine hour stopover in Miami on the way to Rio....not to mention a 4 am start. If the person next to me on either flight introduces themselves cheerily and chatters away - I will bite them, I will.

I am the long haul grinch.

(Still no internet at home so I hope you are all safe and well out there).


Jessica said... the bite suppose to deter them? There are those, ya know, who might feel motivated by that.

Finn said...

You should wear a nametag:

Hello, I'm...
Antisocial. Piss off.

Sleeping pills. Definately. Then you won't be able to hear them chatter away.

patti_cake said...

I used to have a mat outside my door that said Go Away. Want to borrow it? Travel safe, Godspeed, Dear Colin! You are missed in the blogosphere

Jenn said...

I think Jessica has a careful.

You might try the coughing-phlegm-loudly trick. You really have to work the 'hack factor' on that one.

Or eat a raw onion right before you get on the plane.

Maybe some beans? Pork rinds? While you're on the plane.

I wouldn't talk to you then. I'd be too busy trying to breathe. And face away from you.

Be well.

Miladysa said...

I think I would probably find that attitude attractive ;]

Dustin said...

A well placed fart might be your ticket to solitude.

Gerbera Daisy said...

Wear head phones, whether or not you are listening to anything and close your eyes. Hope you have a great time. :-)

Pam said...

Ooohhh, wish there was something I could do for you.
Big hugs Colin.
Miss you.

Anne said...

I agree..headphones are the way to go. Or just start talking about politics right off the bat..

Deadly Female said...

Hello Cap'n Grumpy Guts. Long time no see...

tammi said...

Oh wow!I'm glad I'm not sitting beside you on any flight,cuz I'm always the chatty one that winds up knowing everything about the person sitting next to me.I ask tons of questions...that is until I get some sort of hint to "shut up".In which case I read the book I have with me.
I'm like: "So.....where are you from?Going on business or pleasure?Married?Kids?" etc...etc....well,you know the chatterbox questions quite well I'm
Not usually flirty....just nosey or bored.As interesting as you are,a hint probably would only shut me up for a few minutes,and I'd try again."wink"

Sandra said...

There are some good suggestions here. Asking them if they've accepted the Lord Jesus Christ as their personal saviour helps a lot, too.

Aims said...

Dunno about safe, I'm a danger to myself! Do what Sandra says & just hope they haven't or you'll get brainwashed!!!! Have a good trip!

Jenn said...

You could always start singing the praises of the new flick 'Jesus Camp'.

Heh heh.

Farts on a plane. Sounds like a good movie. How about the sequel "Morning Breath on a Plane"?