Monday, January 30, 2006

there's more

Judging from the number and nature of some of the comments on my last post, it touched a nerve.

I was invited by one person, Rick, to follow him back to his ‘home’ where he had expanded on what I had written. I’m very glad that I did, and if it something that genuinely interests you then I would urge you to pay him a visit. I’m grateful to him because he reminded me that at some point in our lives we all need to take stock, we all have choice….but I’ll let you read what he says.


krisbtterfly said...

thanks for sharing his post- i'm on my way to read it now.

p.s. did my tweety-bird reference piss you off? it was not my intention, i hope you know. :)

Shephard said...

Very good read.
Rick's comments make solid sense. Eleanor Roosevelt would agree with him as well (famous quote).

I just feel bad that this young girl doesn't have enough life experience to find that sort of strength. That was the core of your post that touched me... not nec. the inherent poison of the fundamentalists.

There were a couple comments to the effect that she should know better. And I rather thought the point is that how can she know better coming from this part of the country? Proof that she should have known better remains to be seen.

It's great to see so many compassionate comments though. That's enough to lift anyone's day.